TfL bus TransXChange data has duplicate files

In the latest TXC data I found there are some duplicate files in different zip files.

The following files are in both parts two and three zips:

  • tfl_45-1-_-y05-50322.xml
  • tfl_45-129-_-y05-47578.xml
  • tfl_45-108-_-y05-49214.xml
  • tfl_45-12-_-y05-48096.xml
    And potentially more.

Is this expected? This duplication is causing us problems.

It’s not meat to happen, I’m sure but it has happened occasionally before. Not a problem with my low tech stuff as they all get extracted to the same place and the human in front of the screen just says skip (or replace - don’t think it matters which). I can see it might be an issue if multiple duplicates with different names are being created automatically.

Or even MEANT to happen…

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This issue was cleared up. If you download the latest version of the files it should be fine now.

Thanks, I can confirm the updated data imported into our systems as expected yesterday with this issue being fixed.