TfL Consultations (3)

Some radical ideas that probably won’t be met with universal approval, but I do know the area quite well P-)

Extended from Thornton Heath Pond via Brigstock Road to the High Street. Withdrawn between Selsdon Park Road and New Addington and rerouted to Monks Hill. Reduced to every 15mins daytime and every 20mins evenings (see 353)

Retains original route through New Addington. Increased to every 20mins Sundays

Extended from West Croydon via London Road to Thornton Heath Pond

Withdrawn , replaced by changes to other routes

New double deck route. New Addington Homestead Way, Arnhem Drive and via the new 64 route to Addington Village, 466 route to East Croydon then via the 198 route to Thornton Heath High Street. Every 15mins, 20mins evenings

As per the 239 from Homestead Way to Fieldway then non stop to East Croydon (can go direct via Coombe Road) then Wellesley Road terminating at West Croydon. Same frequency as 439.

Extended from Addington Village via current 64 route to West Croydon. Increased to every 20mins evenings and Sundays

Extended from Purley to Roundshaw via Foxley Lane, Plough Lane and Forresters Drive… Extended from Addington Village via old 64 route to New Addington Parkway. Monks Hill section withdrawn , replaced by 64. Increased to x15mins daytime.

Reduced to x15mins daytime

Half of the current 433 service West Croydon to Selsdon Vale then terminating at Courtwood Lane.

Retains original route in New Addington.

Withdrawn between Shirley Park and Addington Village and rerouted via 198 route to Shrublands.


New single deck route. West Wickham station (if suitable stand space can be found) Station Road, Wickham Ct Rd, Woodlands Ave, Oaklands Ave, The Grove, West Wickham High Street, Oak Avenue, Broom Road, Lime Tree Avenue, South Way, Shirley Church Road, Spout Hill (width restriction ammended) Addington Village then as erstwhile xxx route to New Addington Parkway. Every 15mins daytime, 20mins evening.

Extended from Croydon via current 64 route to Addington Village (could included double run via Monks Hill?) then as per new 239 route to Homestead Way with short double run to serve Vulcan Way

Bullet points

*Monks Hill finally gets a direct link to Croydon

*130 keeps direct service via KHD from Goldcrest Way to Vulcan Way, there has been much dismay about its withdrawl

*194 retains the link from Shirley area to Mayday Hospital

*439/X439 provide a direct link from east of estate which is remote from Tramlink to Croydon, both routes providing local links within New Addington

*353 again provides a through service from Orpington to Croydon, now via Selsdon. Passengers still have the option of changing to Tramlink at AV for a quicker journey.

This posting has created concern in Croydon. There has been no consultation on these ideas. As far as I am aware the person posting this has no authority or influence and the relevant authorities in Transport for London are not even aware of them.

That would explain this FOI request:-

Goodness knows what the original post has to do with open data or the use thereof. There are, I believe, fora where people swap these fantasy ideas and that is where they should stay!


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