Tfl Go app on M1 Mac

I have downloaded the TFL Go app to my M1 iMac. It worked at first, but after a while the tube map stopped displaying correctly. When I create a new user on the Mac, it works correctly with the new Mac account. How can I reset everything on my original user account? Uninstalling and reinstalling the app doesn’t help.

Processing: Screenshot 2022-02-10 at 15.40.55.jpeg…

In case you didn’t get the screenshot, the Bakerloo Line is shown grey south of Oxford Circus, and no station names or graphics are shown beyond this point. The end of the line (Elephant & Castle) is shown as a white x in a red circle, with no station name. There are other similar white x’s in a red circle, for example at both ends of the Waterloo & City Line, also shown in grey.

The solution is to drag the TfL Go app to the Bin, and then delete the folder ~/Library/Containers/TfL Go

After reinstalling TfL Go from the Mac App Store, everything should have been reset.