The issue of adding contactless card

Hi there

does anyone have the same issue as mine?

I want to add my contactless card to TFL acount, It failed more times,

Sorry, your card could not be added.

Please ensure the card details you provide are correct and the address you enter is exactly as it appears on your payment card statement. If you continue to experience this message please contact your card issuer as there may be a problem with your card.

I am pretty sure that there is no any issue about my address ,

does someone can help? I tried to rise to complaint to Tfl many times that they can not sort it out this problem as well

Hi @truth

This is a tech forum for the TfL APIs.

If you want help with this you need to phone 0343 222 1234 and pick the “contactless” option.

I have found their support in the past to be most helpful.

Hi @briantist

When I called them first time ,there was a male staff picking up my phone and he said if I followed his instructions for adding card. It must be successful, unfortunately , it did not work too ,and he said he can add my card through his system , he asked me the 4 digits of my contactless card and he said he did the setting in TFL system , I need to wait, my card will show on the contactless area automatically a few days later , I questioned his saying in my mind, but I had to try to believe him,

The truth is there is no any contactless card in my TFL system.

I feel I was tricked by TFL staff first time . Maybe TFL did not know how to sort it out my issue so he was phoning it for finishing this phone call, This processing took me 2 hours at least.

I called them again a few days later , I reported the everything I had met to TFL staff , the Female staff said she reported my issue and she was not able to do anything for me . that was what they can do it for me. This phone call wasted me 2 hours again.

Even I call them again, the situation is the same.

To be honest , I dont want to waste my time with TEL again, I have to work ,

I posted my question here in order to see any different way to solve it my issue

Many thanks for all the viewers


This is a peer-support network for the TfL apsi. APIs: List - Transport for London - API and is totally unable to help with the TfL contactless system.

If you want an opinion, it sounds like you have an adblocker such as - if you have you might find disabling for the site will work.

I’ve found various sales sites often have this kind of problem such as Ticketmaster and John Lewis.

A quick search showed that the OP’s problem is quite common. They might find this suggestion from another forum is worth investigating:
It turns out there is a sensitivity to what address line you put each part of the address on. So that for mine I had to include the Flat Name on Address Line 1 and the House Name and Street name on Address Line 2. Exactly the same spelling. So I would suggest to anyone who is struggling to try different combinations. Success for me.

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Ah yes, the Uber app rejects your card if you put a space in the postcode, as I recall… :nerd_face:

To apostrophise or not to apostrophise, that’s another issue that can get in the way. My street name technically has an apostrophe but I’m never sure whether a website will accept that, so I leave it out. Once a bank froze my new account for a free days because one provided utility bill had the apostrophe and the other didn’t.

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