The Mystery of Bow Common Lane

Not a priority compared with everything else that is going on but mysteries can provide a little light relief sometimes.

Bow Common Lane is a northbound stop on Burdett Road, Naptan ID 490004210N.

The call
produces a listing of journeys on routes 277, 323, D6 and D7 (and no doubt N277 if I were up too late).

If I use either of the apps that I habitually use, I get the same result. For example|Bow%20Common%20Lane

However, if I use Journey Planner to go from Bow Common Lane to Dalston Junction

I am told to get one of other three routes to Mile End Station (taking an age for one stop unless it is the 323, thanks to JP’s inflation of journey times on high frequency bus services) and then change to the 277, which according to my original call is supposed to serve Bow Common Lane!

I note that
brings back a listing that only includes 323 D6 and D7 but if that is filtering out the 277 from the arrivals list, why is not doing so for apps which I presume use the same feed?

To add to the mystery, the current Datastore XML files for all five routes omit the Bow Common Lane stop.

As a final, possibly unrelated, twist, these five routes are (almost) the only ones left where the live working timetables on the TfL site have overwritten ones with later dates. Apart from 323, the latest (but not live) WTTs are dated in November 2019. The live ones go back further. It is possible that the stop was meant to be closed but that it did not happen. But in that case why do the Datastore XML files omit the stop? And why are the 277 arrivals treated differently?

Perhaps we need the Bow Street Runners on the case!

I noticed the removal of the stop, using /Line/Route/Sequence some weeks ago. The 373, D6 & D7 were restored in the update dated 12/5/2020, but the 277 & N277 are still missing the stop. I’m awaiting the next update (none last week) to see if the other two lines get sorted.


Thanks. I am guilty of not double checking. The Datastore files for D6 D7 and one of the two files present for the 323 do show Bow Common Lane; it was reinstated as you say on 12th May. But nor for 277 N277.

So that is one bit of internal consistency restored but there is still a disconnect between what the Cokuntdown feed is presumably showing (and external apps based on it certainly are) and Journey Planner and between both of them and the Working Timetables.