Tiny little request with the PWA

It’s really great that this tech forum is set up to work as a PWA - thank you for this.

The icon in the pwa manifest points to https://techforum.tfl.gov.uk/uploads/db1271/optimized/1X/c639a0cf16a3f2902a649ed0637a1e746b690d6f_2_512x512.png which is a not-so-high-res white roundel on a transparent background; in combination with the background colour the logo for the PWA on both phone and desktop is solid white.

I appreciate this will likely sit at the bottom of a backlog forever, but I would love to see an identifiable logo on this site’s pwa (even if it’d likely be indistinguishable from the TfL Go logo…).


There’s a perfect public domain SVG version here – File:TfL roundel (no text).svg - Wikimedia Commons

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