Tram in *Countdown* data feed?

I was just looking through the ‘bus stop sequences.csv’ file and noticed that the Tram routes were defined in it. Out of curiosity I threw each of the route numbers at the Countdown API and was very surprised to see tram 2554 returned (heading for Wimbledon). I’d heard a rumour some time ago that the trams were going to move over to iBus, is this somehow related?



I thought the Trams system was provided by Siemens and not especially compatible with iBus.

Not sure why it would need to change to iBus as it is already there API - you can just grab the whole thing with


The change, if indeed there is one, is more likely to be in relation to on-vehicle equipment rather than the needs of the API.

The legacy Countdown API doesn’t provide all the repetitive data that just isn’t needed for next stop information that the Unified API does. Also, with the Countdown API you can choose what fields you want returned. Given the choice between TfL Countdown, TfL Unified and BODS location feed, TfL Countdown wins hands down every day for simple next stop / ETA information.



You might be wanting to use " then?

It’s detailed in this post -