Tram strikes and engineering works: strike now suspended [EDITED 9 July]

[EDITED 9 July 2024: Tram strike is now suspended - see below]

Please be aware Tram strikes and engineering works are planned from this weekend until mid-July (Sun 30 June - Mon 15 July 2024).

Tram strikes

Tram strikes are planned:

  • From Sunday 30 June until Monday 8 July
  • From Thursday 11 July to Monday 15 July

Engineering works

On Saturday 6 July and Sunday 7 July there will be no tram services east of East Croydon due to engineering work.

Please see our TfL Strikes page for an up-to-date detailed breakdown of Tram Strike and Engineering work closure times and impact to services.


  • For Unified API: customised Tram timetables (to factor in both Tram Strike and Engineering works times) have been created.
  • The latest TxC data release contains customised schedules for Engineering works only.

[POST EDITED 9 Jul 2024 - Tram strike now suspended]