[TransXChange] Incorrect RunTimes for bus route 30

Hi! I noticed in the last TxC upload (13/06) an error with route 30.

The runtime between a few stops is incorrect, stating a runtime of over 23 hours.

For example, the runtime between 490000011E Baker Street Station and 490000078P Euston Square is set to PT23H52M in 11 JourneyPatternTimingLinks. Overall, there are 79 runtimes of 23h +. Does this happen often? Does it mean anything? Interestingly, the TfL page for route 30 also renders weirdly between the concerned stops.


<JourneyPatternTimingLink id="JPL_54-30--y05-58164-117-I-4-36">
<From SequenceNumber="35">
<To SequenceNumber="36">
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This appears to have been the case since the file was created around 29th May without anyone noticing!

It is evident that the stop sequences are on the wrong order. Baker Street Station does not come between Euston Station and Euston Square Station! Because it does (on this file), buses do indeed arrive at stop 36 before they are timed at stop 35. The negative time interval then becomes 23H50M or whatever.

Similarly in the other direction, Angel Station should come after, not before, White Lion Street in the stop sequence - similar effect.

Of course one of Newton;s laws demands an equal and opposite reaction; to balance out the negative you get a high (but less glaringly obvious) positive running time between Euston Station and (in its role as the supposed next stop) Baker Street Station.

I doubt this is common, or if it is it must only be recent, or it would have been spotted before on oither files.


Hi All,

This issue is still under investigation by the team at Buses, I did flag this up with them on the 3 June and have not yet received a response.

( cc @GerardButler @jwithers )


21st June and the error is still present, at least in the Datastore file.

Does it actually have any practical implications for Journey Planner or for iBus/Countdown and all the apps that draw from it?

Hi @mjcarchive we have reverted back to the old version of the schedule for use on JP and the API, and after chasing the schedules teams for the last few weeks have finally had a response late yesterday with a corrected schedule now available which will be imported today for JP and the API and will be live in the TxC files next week and should hopefully have fixed the data in iBus which is looked after by another team in London Buses

Matthew ( cc @GerardButler )

Thanks. I hope that it was the timetable before last rath

thank you guys! We’ll keep an eye out for the correct TTs for route 30 in next week’s TxC release :handshake:

can confirm they are back!