Travel Distruptiom

See the survey below. It is for the context of “travel disruption”. It would be very useful for you to complete it as it would benefit a student in their coursework.

Thank you for your cooperation

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FYI: The City of London isn’t Greater London.

If I could abolish surveymonkey at a stroke, I would!

I haven;t looked at this one but surveymonkey gives anyone the chance to design a really bad questionnaire. Asking unambiguous questions in a sensible order is a professional skill. Ask B before A instead of A before B and you can get different responses, a “featuire” often exploited in politically tilted surveying.

The more basic fault is that with a designed survey you know who was asked to fill it in (sample design) and can assess whether those who respond are actually representative of those who were asked or of the population at large. Just consider the yes/no polls beloved of the internet. Are they going to be any more representative than the polarised extremes that tend to dominate discussion groups?

Before you ask, yes, I was a professional statistician in my working life, with experience of trying to minimise the mess left behind by someone who was seduced by this sort of tool.

Rant over…