[TxC and other data sources] Missing bus stops

In the latest TxC (w/c 29 April), the Canada Water bus stop is missing on bus route 381 from the TxC data. It also doesn’t exist on the TfL website when searching for the bus route timetables. I have noticed bus stop randomly missing on other bus routes too. A few weeks ago, there were missing bus stops around Liverpool Street for route 153 (but now they seem to be back!)

153 had diversions a few weeks ago, running westbound via London Wall, so the stop sequence may well have been affected.

Canada Water Bus Station was closed for a few weeks but that is over and any file that is current should include it, I would have thought. My suspicion is that somebody has created a new file based on an old file from the period when the bus station was closed.

thanks @mjcarchive , this makes sense. Pretty sure something similar might have happened on the 153 as at this point the diversion near Liv Street was over