ULEZ/Toll Payment

Looking to create an app the allows users to manage and pay their tolls and ulez/city charges all in one place. I have seen this implemented in another app (Carura) and would like info on how we can go about getting access to that infrastructure. Thank in advance for any help!

Welcome @Ushertr As this isn’t part of the API system, you might be forced to an iframe to host the content within a browser in an app…

`<iframe src='https://tfl.gov.uk/modes/driving/pay-to-drive-in-london'></iframe>`

Or just use the browser pointed at Pay to drive in London - Transport for London

hi @Ushertr - welcome to the community.

Unfortunately the current position is that we can only serve Road User Charging out of TfL’s official channels (website, app & phone lines) and not through 3rd parties.

This is so that we can ensure customers can trust their payments are being processed correctly as any errors (innocent or otherwise) by the 3rd party. The customer is responsible for paying any penalties for non-payment and customers have been bitten by this in the past.

I am obviously not casting aspersions on what you are looking to do here, but this position is taken to ensure clarity for our customers in this regard.

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hi @briantist - FYI, we pass the x-frame-options: deny header on our website, so most browsers will block iframes when trying to embed our website into it.

I guess Carura must be doing the latter then…

I’m not sure, but it’s not sanctioned by TfL.

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