Unable to View Map for Bus Stops Nearby on Mobile Phone

Hi, I have been trying to view Nearby maps on my mobile phone (Android) application but without success. I can display the the list of stop street names and buses relating to each stop, but when clicking on a particular street name or the Main Street label with the “GO” button, a map is not displayed. Is this due to Nearby screen design between desktop (which displays everything including live bus timetable) and mobile?
Whe accessing the TFL web site, only the main page is displayed with various clickable choice, but one has to scroll down to view the result.

Should I follow a specific technique or process to enable map display on mobile?

URL link:

Full Display on Desktop

Your help and guidance will be much appreciated


hi @Leo

I can’t seem to replicate your issue.

Are you using Chrome or the native browser on your device? May I ask what device you are using?


Hi James.

Thank you for your prompt reply. I am actually using the Emulator in Android Studio and have not tried it on my mobile device (Samsung A7). I have probably jumped the gun. I will test the App on the device and get back to you with the results.

Thank you.

I’ve seen this problem. It’s basically there’s the “cookies” popup over the top of the rest of the screen, but it’s out of sight.

I think it can be worked-around by pinching the screen to zoom out to allow the cookie popup to viewable.

Once clicked it goes away.

Hi Briantist,

I have already seen and accepted the cookie, so that is not the cause of the problem.


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Hi James,

I have tested the app in Chrome and the default browser on the Samsung device, but still having the same problem. I tried the live TFL app on the phone which displays the “view on Map button” and I can successfully view the stops nearby. So there is definitely a problem with rendering the map through my app, which I will have to investigate. What puzzles me is, I am using the base Bus - Transport for London? url, with street name and lat /lon coordinates to access the site which displays the same views I posted above and also matches the live TFL app, so I wonder why the view map button is not displayed.

So, from that link you click on Nearby, enter Abbey Road, choose the bus rather than DLR

This is what I get from that:

and then clicking on the circled icon displays the map.

What I do notice though is that the View Map box is the last thing to be displayed – it’s missing for a couple of seconds and then pops up in empty space as if it’s an afterthought. So possibly if you’re in a poor signal area, you might have to wait longer to see it.

Hi Guys

Firstly, I apologise for the mis-leading title, because the problem was with developing my Android app not the Live TFL App, which I think confused those providing input. I finally got it working because I didn’t include a statement necessary in Android which is: “javascript enabled = true”. The “View Online” option in the app now displays the appropriate views as expected. Thank you to everyone who submitted suggestions and ideas.

The app works successfully on the emulator in Android Studio, my Samsung device and tested browsers…