Unified API - quotas and rate limits for Journey requests?



I’m creating a journey time matrix (similar to TIM) for a client and I’m calling the Journey API to build up a small TIM-style dataset using an appid/appkey pair.

I’ve just done some testing, and got a load of quota limit messages.

If I slow the rate of requests down, I get less quota messages, but its very much trial and error!

Is there any guidance on request frequency?

(I’ve currently brought down my request rate to 1/25 sec which is v.e.r.y…s.l.o.w but seems to have stopped the messages.)


Hi @scottbw,

Apologies for the late reply. I just noticed this was in my draft messages.

If you have set up an AppID and API key and append these to your requests, you will get a quota of 500 requests per minute. Is your frequency above this you will receive a 420 response until the next minute.

If you have done this, let me know and we’ll help you look at the requests you are making and to see whether there may be a more efficient way of achieving your goals.

James Evans
Technology Service Operations