Waterloo & City in Syndication Feeds


In the current journey-planner-timetables files (Syndication Feeds dated 10 August 2021), file “tfl_1-WAC-_-y05-1765116.xml” seems to suggest that there will be a 06:00 - 00:30 Monday to Friday service on the W&C, from 6th September. Can anyone confirm whether this is the case, as I have been informed that the current peak-only service is to remain in place until November, at the earliest?

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What do you specifically mean by “have been informed” - aren’t the timetable files the “original gospel truth” here?

hi @DannyWith

I’ve discussed this with my colleagues. The plan was to fully resume the service on W&C Mon-Fri from September, but unfortunately this has now been put back to November.

This decision was taken after we published the weekly timetable TxC files last week and corrected timetables uploaded tomorrow.

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Many thanks for your reply @jamesevans. I can confirm the latest release of timetable data contains the amended data

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