Website to find the bus stop ID?

Hi, Do we have any website that lists the stop ID or is able to find the stop ID easily?

I know we have, but it’s not easy to use on a mobile phone or do a quick search. Thanks.

I don’t know about “easily” but I did post a possible approach halfway down
#Problem with getting right bus stop ID

It is manageable for a few stops on a computer but I haven’t tried it on a smartphone.

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Hi @mjcarchive Thanks for sharing the information.

Hi - asking as a technical response and not User Research from the person who manages the whole country list of Bus stops (and other public transport nodes)

For what purpose?

What do you need the Stop ID for on your phone?

What is the next step you will do with the StopID?

That would help me answer this technical question


Dr J

Hi all,
It’s also worth noting that each bus stop in London has a variety of IDs.
Taking the Southwark Station (SB) bus stop, for example:

  • ATCO code: 490013323SB
  • NaPTAN code (SMS code): 71853
  • Bus stop identification number (CALMS ID): 2586
  • EFA stop ID: 1000215

And that’s not even all the IDs I can think of!

So the first question I would ask is: What type of ID are you asking for? Because different datasets will refer to each bus stop by different sets of IDs.

Hi @drjharrison , Thanks for your response.

We are working on the Digital signage TFL Bus status application, and the only input the user needs to give is Stop-ID. I see the CSV file is not user-friendly to find the Stop-ID and that’s why I queried about the App.

I’m using the Naptan_Atco ID from the API. Thanks.