What is the meaning of these nodes?


The feed at for example http://cloud.tfl.gov.uk/TrackerNet/predictiondetailed/J/WPK returns XML with

T LCID=“1041182” SetNo=“357” TripNo=“15” SecondsTo=“0” TimeTo="-" Location=“At Platform” Destination=“Out Of Service” DestCode=“0” Order=“0” DepartTime=“20:17:36” DepartInterval=“0” Departed=“0” Direction=“0” IsStalled=“0” TrackCode=“TJ40407” LN=“J”

LCID is given as being the Leading Car ID. Now The Jubilee Line Leading cars start with 96 so would be 96001 for example. So what is the “1041182”? Is it just made up? Likewise with track code “TJ40407”. I can’t seem to find any reference to that number on the track itself via the markers or on Trackernet from within Source.


With regard to the LCID, I am led to believe that it is related to the radio that the train is being operated with, rather than anything to do with the train itself. I can’t remember all the details as it’s a couple of years since I looked into this, but I seem to remember being told that numbers beginning with 2 are handheld radios. Therefore it’s really not at all very useful for anything at all.


Thanks for the reply. I am a driver on the Jubilee Line and carry a radio which has a 5 digit code (85***) that i use to login onto the train radio with. This code is not related to the LCID number. So has to be something else.


But the ID of the radio itself? I only question this because the information came from a very reliable source.


Oh I follow now. Hmm I’ll check tomorrow when I’m on the train and report back :crossed_fingers:


couldn’t find any number on the radio that tallies up with the LCID.


You can find more information on how it works in Motorola’s patent here and although this is specifically relating to satellites, it’s the same principle - it’s a trunked network.

In short, as I said before, it’s not of use to anyone except LU internal systems which know the link between your user login code, the radio, the rolling stock this is installed in and the LCID it has.

I would be surprised if the LCID isn’t shown in a menu somewhere, but not having access to a CONNECT radio I don’t know, nor the difference between the handhelds and the train mobile units.


I have access to the train radio and have a connect radio. I will dig deeper. Many thanks