Where can I find the API key?

Hello all,

I am very new to API and have struggled to find the api_key and append_key for me to type in to gain information. I registered, as usual, I got the email to activate my account and checked my spam to see if I have the key, but I don’t.

Is there a way to gain the keys?

Many thanks in advance,


@leVINE Welcome

Go to Products: List - Transport for London - API and log in. Then it’s Products and then “500 Requests per min”…

This is a test designed to provoke an emotional response :slight_smile:


So, I accessed Products and I was wondering if the primary and secondary key correspond to the api_key and append_key?

You get two keys (one for dev and one for testing) both of which are the api_key


I’ve found the api_key but where do I find the api_id?

It’s not required anymore.