Who can I report data issues with?

I’m currently sitting on a river bus service which doesn’t appear in the unified API. It’s a regular timetabled service, and normally does show up. But today it’s just missing. I don’t blame the API team - the service is also missing from the dot matrix displays on the pier. But I have no idea who to report such issues to. Most customer service teams are useless when it comes to discussions around data and APIS. Also, I’ve not managed to find an architecture diagram which might explain where the data comes from and who might be able to fix it. I know some of this data goes through iBus, but I’m not sure where in the chain that comes in.
Is there someone at TFL who can debug realtime data issues across your various systems and how do I contact them?

Hi @tfluke

Sorry to hear that the boat you were on didn’t appear. The fact that the service wasn’t on the dot matrix boards indicates an issue with the source data (Countdown) or the river boat’s own GPS locator system.

I understand that Thames Clippers have had this kind of issue in the past (as do the occasional bus not giving data).

If you know the boat that you were on (Jupiter, Galaxy etc) or which service you were on, Thames Clippers should be able to comment what the issue was. I know that they have been asked this question a few times on their Twitter feed - https://twitter.com/thamesclippers