Why does the API support arrival times for certain national-rail lines, but not others?

Hi there,

I’m trying to get arrival data for all trains at Deptford Station (910GDEPTFD). The station is served by both Thameslink and South Eastern.

I’m able to get arrival data for the thameslink line.
But I’m not able to get any data for the southeastern line.

I’m aware of this post: (/t/is-arrival-data-for-national-rail-available/1931), where the proposed solution is to “get the data from national rail”.

But I’m confused as to why some national rail lines are supported in this API, but others aren’t. Are there any plans to integrate other national rails arrivals into the API any time soon?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @pru


Currently, only Thameslink arrivals are supported in the API.

The reason for this was to allow us to power arrivals on the Thameslink lines in our TfL Go app. This was to align to the decision over the last year or so to display Thameslink on the main tube map. As other NR operators are not on the tube map, we don’t require that facility.