Why won't Journey Planner let you walk from Harold Wood?

We’ve expanded the geographical scope of our app to Greater London and beyond (including Network Rail stations all over the country) as the Journey Planner API appears to have fairly extensive coverage.

There are some oddities though. One example is Harold Wood (which has come to our attention because the editor of a major newspaper lives in the area - typical important user for press in an edge case scenario!). You can plan a journey to co-ordinates or postcodes (RM3 9PP is an example if you want one) in Harold Wood but if you don’t include bus as a mode then you don’t get any results. If you do include bus then you can get the train to Harold Wood, a bus from the station to a point further from your destination than the station and then walk back! Any ideas what’s going on here? It’s like the journey planner thinks it’s impossible to walk in and out of Harold Wood station.

Other stations nearby and further out along the TfL Rail line work fine without bus transit.

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