Worse route to Victoria using Journey Planner

Frequently when trying to get somewhere on the Victoria tube line from Kent House, journey planner suggests changing at Brixton. This involves walking down a long, steep narrow stairway and then having to walk up the road, round the corner and back down steps in Brixton tube station.
If you have difficulty walking, have heavy bags, children, etc. this is a pain.
Much simpler, stay on the train to Victoria where there are lifts and escalators.
Why does journey planner suggest this much more difficult route?

Hello, thank you for your feedback.

I tried planning a journey from Kent House to Green Park, and Journey Planner advises to change at Victoria:

To help us to investigate this, could you please provide us with an example or two of a journey that advises changing at Brixton?

It would help a lot if you can provide the full web address, for example:

Thanks Leon, I can’t make it happen, I think it was at a time when there was a fear about Victoria train station overcrowding.
However, if I look at Kent House to Kings Cross, it suggests changing at Herne Hill and Thameslink to Kings Cross (that’s OK) or Herne Hill - Farringdon - (metropolitan line) to Kings Cross.
An equally easy option (and certainly easier than the second option above) is straight to Victoria and Victoria line to Kings Cross but I can’t make that come up.
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