Wrong OriginAimedDepartureTime in the TfL BODS Siri-VM

Hi there,

Since 26/05, TfL’s (TFLO) “Origin Aimed Departure Times” (OriginAimedDepartureTime) in the DfT’s Bus Open Data Siri-VM feed are completely out of sync with the GPS timestamps (RecordedAtTime); in most cases the scheduled trip start times are many hours before or after than when the trip actual happens.

Up to the 25th of May they were just fine - could you please have a look? It should be something simple to fix.

Many thanks!

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Hello and welcome to the forum. Thank you for your message.

I am able to reproduce this issue where the OriginAimedDepartureTime field in the BODS dataset is returning very strange values.

However, the data we supply to BODS does not include this field. We supply the RecordedAtTime field but not the OriginAimedDepartureTime field. I’m not sure where BODS is getting the data for OriginAimedDepartureTime from, but since this is not something we are supplying, I would suggest not relying on it.

Since BODS is a service provided by the Department for Transport (DfT), I don’t think this is something we can resolve. You may wish to provide feedback to the DfT or contact them.