Actual arrival / departure times (historic / not predicted)


Is it possible with the current APIs to work out the actual arrival / departure time for a vehicle at each stop?

I’ve worked with the prediction API a lot in the past but from what I can remember it only shows predictions for arrival at each stop in seconds from a given timestamp. There’s no data about when a vehicle actually arrived at a stop, nor any other type of confirmation about whether a vehicle reached a stop.

As I understand things, the only way to discern whether a vehicle reached a stop is to wait until that stop disappears from the predictions list. However, in practice I’ve found that sometimes the predictions API removes a stop and then re-adds it back in, so this isn’t reliable.

Ideally, I’d want some kind of actualArrivalTime for at least the previous stop (though for all previous stops on the route would be amazing). Failing that, some kind of notification via the SignalR stream when a vehicle reaches / passes a stop would be sufficient.

Ultimately, my goal is to work out when a vehicle actually reached a stop. How I get to that point I’m not bothered, so long as it’s possible. I’m not even that fussed about it being 100% accurate, so long as it’s within a few seconds, or within 30 seconds or so at most.

Does anyone have any information that might help here?


From what I’ve seen the best way to do that currently is to go off of timetable.

The issue get’s discussed in some detail here. What I gleamed is that departures data exists in darwin but isn’t exposed through the api.


There is another relevant thread at Actual (not predicted) arrivals and departures.