Can't register for application key (API)

I am trying to register for the API, however, whenever I click sign up, a red banner shows up saying “You must agree to the terms of use.”. I cannot find any checkboxes for agreeing to the terms of use. I had the same issue on the following browsers/devices:

  • Chromium Version 100 on Linux
  • Firefox Version 99 on Linux
  • Safari on IOS 15.3.1
  • Safari on Mac OS

I tried clearing cookies and using incognito mode (to remove browser extensions).

Could you help me with registering for the API?

Welcome @lukasslezevicius

Do you mean at Sign up - Transport for London - API ?

There is a captcha on that page…

Yes, that’s the sign up form I was talking about.

Here’s what I see when trying to sign up

I managed to get it work by messing around with the HTML. I had to set the require consent parameter to false in one of the elements. Am I the first one to report such an issue?

I think so. Let’s ping @jamesevans

Most people get stuck looking for the way to get a key! :roll_eyes:

Hmm, not sure why that’s happened. I’m raising a bug to investigate further!


Bug ref 65213