How to get all bus stop stations in London?

I’d like to get all bus stop stations in London, but I can not access to the live feeds? What are the detailed procedures?

Wlecome @ohu

The weekly updates are here - and they’re in TransXchange format.

This covers all TfL services including bus, tram, underground and dry services.

The same format file for the whole of the UK is here -

Thank you very much!

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Excuse me, I previously obtained the Passenger flow of bus stops in the London area on the TFL official website, and now I want to match the ‘locationName’ in the file with the name and coordinates of the actual bus stops, which value can match it?
figure1: Passenger flow of bus stops from TFL
figure2: Bus stops example from TFL
figure3: United API from TFL
figure4: Documentation file of figure2

Location name in the first file should match Stop_Code_LBSL in the second so that is the link you should make, Stop_Code_LBSL is a strange beast, many of the codes being entirely numeric but the others including text prefixes such as BP.

It has been noted before that different TfL outputs use different identifiers (the third one being the SMS code) and that this is not terribly user-friendly. The zip files that @briantist refers to only includes the ATCO code (usually 499…). It does seem strange that the passenger flow source that you have accessed only uses a code which the documentation says is not to be exposed to the public!

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