/Line/Route/Sequence with No stopPointSequences

After the weekly updates, some line routes consistently return an empty array where stopPointSequences should be.

At the time of writing, following the update dated 12 May 2017, lines 26, 31, 46, 48, 49, 55, 56, 101, 128, 121, 179, 204, 234, 235, 249, 266, 274, 277, 297, 345 and 349 are affected, all in both directions.

Conversely, line 931 has reappeared after a 2-3 week absence.

This looks to me like some sort of record-locking problem during the weekly update of the external-facing database.

I note that this also impacts the bus route maps on the main Tfl website.

Hi @nickp

This was caused by a delay to our reference data build but should now be up to date.

Please let me know if there are any issues.
TfL Online Operations

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Hi James,

All the missing ones have reappeared in the 22/5/17 update, but routes 237 & W16 have vanished from /Line/Mode/bus/Route and,give 404 errors in /Line/Route/Sequence


Also, in the 22/5/17 update, I note that most of the national-rail entries have suffered some drastic loss of content. For example, south-west-trains has been reduced to Salisbury-Bristol Temple Meads (inbound) and Bristol Temple Meads-Salisbury(outbound)

Hi @nickp,

We had a separate issue that included these 2 lines but these have now been resolved.

Please let me know if you have any further issues.


Thanks James,

I’ll keep an eye out for any repeats.

Please ignore my comment about national-rail. Having done some further analysis, I will re-raise that in the Missing/Duplicated Branches in Line/Route/Sequence thread, where it more properly belongs.


Hi James,

The two missing lines are indeed back (update dated 25/5/2017), but lines 95,122,176,217,254,282,298,356,491,508,617,629 and W9 have disappeared.

Separately, I am again getting a significant number of /Line/Route/Sequence requests with no stop point sequences. This is currently affecting lines 5,8,9,14,21,24,25,34,70,91,98,114,123,132,136,145,148,154,158,183,211,296,307,308,390,397,414,436,486 and 491.These seem to be ephemeral, in that a retry brings back full data.

Here is an example of the returned data for route 5, inbound (tabs and line feeds added for clarity):

"$type":“Tfl.Api.Presentation.Entities.RouteSequence, Tfl.Api.Presentation.Entities”,
"$type":“Tfl.Api.Presentation.Entities.OrderedRoute, Tfl.Api.Presentation.Entities”,
“name”:“Canning Town Bus Station :left_right_arrow: Romford Market”,

Results of update dated 1/6/2017:

Lines restored: 617,629,W9

Lines deleted: 191,422,508,N21
I am aware that route 508 is a special case and may have been intentionally deleted

Lines with no stopPointSequences: 87,95,122,176,191,217,231,254,282,298.327.356,491,507,521
Note that this last set is now solid, retry does not fix the problem.

Results of update dated 6/6/2017:

Lines restored: 87,95,122,176,191,217,231,254,282,298,327,356,491,507,521
Lines still deleted: 422,508,N21
same caveat as before for 508
Lines with no stopPointSequences: none (yippee)

Thanks for continuing to monitor this @nickp, we are aware of the issues affecting 422, 508 and N21, that appears to be caused by an unexpected vehicle type in the TransXChange files, we are working on a fix.

We are looking at improving our data import process to guarantee no missing stopPointSequences.

Results of update dated 8/6/2017:

Lines restored: 422, N21
Lines still deleted: 508,931
the latter disappeared some updates ago and has not reappeared
Lines with no stopPointSequences: 102,144

Results of update dated 15/6/2017:

Lines restored: 102,144
Lines still deleted: 508,{Edit: 541 also missing since an earlier update},931
Lines with no stopPointSequences: none

Result of update dated 20/6/2017:

Lines restored: none
Lines still deleted: 508,541,931
Lines with no stopPointSequences: none
Other: line 43/outbound reduced to 12 stops

Result of update dated 23/6/2017:

Lines restored: none
Lines (still) deleted: 350 (new),508,541,931
Lines with no stopPointSequences: none
Other: line 43/outbound reduced to 12 stops

Result of update dated 28/6/2017:

Lines restored: 350
Lines (still) deleted: 280 (new),508,541,931
Lines with no stopPointSequences: none
Other: line 43/outbound reduced to 12 stops

Result of update dated 5/7/2017:

As above (no bus amendments)

Result of update dated 7/7/2017:

Lines restored: 508
Lines still deleted: 280, 541, 931
Lines with no stopPointSequences: none

  • line 43/outbound reduced to 12 stops
  • line 134 has mode national-rail, rather than bus

Result of update dated 11/7/2017:

Lines restored: 134, 280
Lines (still) deleted: 508, 541, 931

  • line 43/outbound missing all but 12 stops

Hi Nick the 931 was withdrawn in May this year, the 541 only operated between 17-20 June 2016 for works in Canning Town. The 508 should be resolved by Tuesday. The 43 should be resolved tomorrow morning.

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Thanks for that Jina, and so:

Results of update dated 12/7/2017:

Lines restored: 43, 508
Lines deleted: 14