/Line/Route/Sequence with No stopPointSequences


Thanks Nick,

If all goes well, we should be able to resolve the 14 either today or tomorrow.

We’ll keep you posted

Bug ref: SVC-4059



Again, James, thanks for that, but meanwhile:

Results of update dated 17/7/2017:

Lines (still) deleted: 14, 508 (edit: just noticed cancellation of Forest Gate works, so the latter may be deliberate)


Results of update dated 25/7/2017:

Lines restored: 14
Lines deleted: 302, 606


Results of update dated 2/8/2017:

Lines restored: 302
Lines deleted: all the school runs (not an error)

No outstanding issues :slight_smile:


@nickp Good news! :sunglasses:


Results of update dated 17/8/2017:

Lines deleted: 603, 607

Someone thinking they’re school runs, I guess


Hi @nickp - there was an error uploading the files for those 2 routes. We’re aiming to resolve this tomorrow, but I’ll keep you updated.


Results of update dated 25/8/2017:

Lines restored: 603, 607

Thanks, guys


Here we go again:

Result of update dated 11/10/2017:

Lines deleted: 119, 641
Lines with no stopPointSequences: 150 inbound


Hi @nickp

119 is an issue we’re investigating with our Journey Planner vendor. There seems to be an application issue that is causing the timetable not to be generated.

641 service has been withdrawn.

150 appears to be an issue with 2 operators running the same bus route. This situation should be resolved from Saturday onwards when only one operator will run the route. The issue seems to be only affecting the outbound direction (to Becontree Heath Bus Station)



Result of update dated 13/10/2017:

Lines restored: 150
Lines still deleted: 119


Hi @nickp

The 119 has now been restored.



Cheers James,

to confirm:

Result of update dated 17/10/2017:

Lines restored: 119 (also belatedly noticed line 405 has been restored after being truncated earlier)


Result of update dated 8/11/2017:

Something strange with line 20/inbound:

I’m getting a consistent 503 error with an exception type of VarnishBackendSickException, trying it in Swagger just gives a ‘service unavailable’ response


Result of update dated 14/11/2017:

Route 20/inbound now restored


Result of update dated 29/11/2017:

Line deleted: 328


Hi @nickp - apologies, there was a data processing error and that service’s file was not processed. It has now been rectified and should appear in next week’s update.



Just to confirm,

Result of update dated 5/12/2017:

Line restored: 328


Off we go again:

Result of update dated 7/12/2017:

Lines deleted: e10, metropolitan


Results of update dated 12/12/2017:

Lines restored: E10, Metropolitan
Lines deleted: 365