Missing buses for route 108

Similar to what I previously posted for route 174, route 108 seems to have too few buses running on it. I checked the timetable and it should have more than what’s been seen since yesterday (but I can’t be sure). Can this be checked?

It’s back to normal after the weekend like last weekend but it seems like there should be more buses on the route over the weekend?

I 'm not sure of the details but work on the Blackwall Tunnel means the service is split sometimes, presumably mainly at the weekends. I though these had been properly scheduled, in which case they should be reporting, but maybe not. Are the buses that are reporting doing so from just one side of the river?

Dethist on LVF shows just three buses during the daytime on the 19th Aug, MEC32 doing one trip to North Greenwich, MEC34 doing two North Greenwich & two Lewishams, MEC12 doing one trip to Lewisham.

In the early hours of the 20th Aug., the (N)108 destinations are shown as Lewisham, North Greenwich, Canning Town and Stratford International.

Sunday 21st daytime was pretty much like Saturday but with two single Canning Town trips thrown in (worked by MEC6 & MEC9)

Sunday night’s (N)108 seemed to be back to normal, Lewisham & Stratford.