Missing Trackernet Data (District Line) (Piccadilly Line)

There are some odd stations missing from the trackernet data on the District Line.


Whilst Edgware Road works - https://api.tfl.gov.uk/TrackerNet/PredictionDetailed/D/ERD
Paddington doesn’t work - https://api.tfl.gov.uk/TrackerNet/PredictionDetailed/D/PAD
Bayswater doesn’t’ even have a Trackernet code+++
Notting Hill Gate doesn’t work - https://api.tfl.gov.uk/TrackerNet/PredictionDetailed/D/NHG
High Street Kensington works perfecly - https://api.tfl.gov.uk/TrackerNet/PredictionDetailed/D/HST

Then at Richmond - https://api.tfl.gov.uk/TrackerNet/PredictionDetailed/D/RMD - the same train is listed as coming into platforms 3,4,5,6 and 7
At Wimbledon - https://api.tfl.gov.uk/TrackerNet/PredictionDetailed/D/WDN - platforms 1 and 2 are the same data, as are 3 and 4…
At Ealing Broadway - https://api.tfl.gov.uk/TrackerNet/PredictionDetailed/D/EBY - platforms 8 and 9 are a mirror.
At Upminster - https://api.tfl.gov.uk/TrackerNet/PredictionDetailed/D/UPM - platforms 3, 4 and 5 are mirrors.

Another one that doesn’t work is the Piccadilly Line


Heathrow Terminal 4 - https://api.tfl.gov.uk/TrackerNet/PredictionDetailed/P/HTF - returns a fault

+++ With reference to http://content.tfl.gov.uk/trackernet-data-services-guide-beta.pdf

Handy way to convert from Natinonal Rail to Tracknet codes …

    "ZAT"=>"ACT", "ZAG"=>"AGR", "ZAD"=>"ALD", "ZAE"=>"ALE", "ZAP"=>"ALP", "AMR"=>"AME", "ZAN"=>"ANG", "ZAR"=>"ARC", "ZAL"=>"ARL", "ZBB"=>"BAR", "ZBW"=>"BBB", "ZBQ"=>"BCT", "ZBN"=>"BDE",
    "ZBD"=>"BDS", "ZBZ"=>"BEC", "ZBE"=>"BER", "ZBG"=>"BGR", "ZBI"=>"BHL", "BHO"=>"BHR", "BFR"=>"BLF", "BET"=>"BNG", "ZBA"=>"BNK", "ZBU"=>"BOR", "ZBM"=>"BOS", "ZBP"=>"BPK", "ZBS"=>"BST",
    "ZBT"=>"BTX", "ZBO"=>"BUR", "ZBR"=>"BWR", "ZCK"=>"CFS", "ZCF"=>"CHF", "ZCG"=>"CHG", "ZCI"=>"CHP", "CFO"=>"CLF", "ZCL"=>"CLW", "ZCB"=>"CNT", "ZCD"=>"COL", "ZCV"=>"COV", "ZCC"=>"CPC",
    "ZCP"=>"CPK", "ZCN"=>"CPN", "ZCA"=>"CPS", "ZCR"=>"CRD", "ZCO"=>"CRX", "ZCT"=>"CTN", "CLW"=>"CWD", "ZCZ"=>"CWF", "ZCW"=>"CWR", "ZCY"=>"CYL", "ZDB"=>"DEB", "ZDE"=>"DGE", "ZDH"=>"DGH",
    "ZDO"=>"DHL", "ZEA"=>"EAC", "EAL"=>"EBY", "ZEC"=>"ECM", "ZET"=>"ECT", "ZED"=>"EDG", "ZEF"=>"EFY", "ZEH"=>"EHM", "EPH"=>"ELE", "ZEK"=>"EMB", "ZEP"=>"EPK", "ZEG"=>"EPP", "ZPU"=>"EPY",
    "ZEB"=>"ERB", "ZEM"=>"ERD", "ZES"=>"ESQ", "ZEE"=>"ETE", "ZFD"=>"FAR", "ZFB"=>"FBY", "ZFA"=>"FLP", "ZFR"=>"FRD", "ZFC"=>"FYC", "ZGG"=>"GGR", "ZGA"=>"GHL", "ZGE"=>"GPK", "ZGP"=>"GPS",
    "ZGR"=>"GRD", "ZGH"=>"GRH", "ZGS"=>"GST", "ZHT"=>"HAI", "HRW"=>"HAW", "ZHB"=>"HBT", "HHY"=>"HBY", "ZHU"=>"HCH", "ZHD"=>"HDN", "ZHG"=>"HIG", "ZHL"=>"HLN", "ZHA"=>"HMD", "ZHM"=>"HMP",
    "ZHZ"=>"HMS", "ZHC"=>"HNC", "ZHN"=>"HND", "ZHE"=>"HNE", "ZHW"=>"HNW", "ZHO"=>"HOL", "ZHY"=>"HPC", "ZHP"=>"HPK", "HXX"=>"HRC", "ZHR"=>"HRD", "HWV"=>"HRV", "HDN"=>"HSD", "ZHS"=>"HST",
    "HAF"=>"HTF", "ZHX"=>"HTX", "ZIC"=>"ICK", "ZKY"=>"KBY", "ZKE"=>"KEN", "KWG"=>"KEW", "KNL"=>"KGN", "ZKI"=>"KIL", "ZKN"=>"KNB", "ZKP"=>"KPK", "STP"=>"KXX", "ZLN"=>"LAM", "ZLA"=>"LAN",
    "ZLY"=>"LEY", "LBG"=>"LON", "ZLC"=>"LSQ", "ZLO"=>"LTN", "ZLE"=>"LYS", "ZMH"=>"MAN", "ZMA"=>"MAR", "ZMN"=>"MCR", "ZMV"=>"MDV", "MOG"=>"MGT", "ZML"=>"MHE", "ZME"=>"MLE", "ZMR"=>"MNR",
    "ZMM"=>"MON", "ZMO"=>"MOR", "ZMP"=>"MPK", "ZNA"=>"NAC", "ZNN"=>"NEA", "ZNE"=>"NEL", "ZNP"=>"NEP", "ZNF"=>"NFD", "NGR"=>"NGW", "ZNG"=>"NHG", "ZNH"=>"NHR", "ZNO"=>"NHT", "ZND"=>"NWD",
    "ZNS"=>"NWH", "NWB"=>"NWM", "ZNK"=>"NWP", "ZOA"=>"OAK", "KPA"=>"OLY", "ZOY"=>"OST", "ZOV"=>"OVL", "ZOC"=>"OXC", "ZPE"=>"PER", "ZPG"=>"PGR", "ZPC"=>"PIC", "ZPO"=>"PIM", "ZPI"=>"PIN",
    "ZPS"=>"PLW", "ZPK"=>"PRY", "ZPB"=>"PUT", "ZQB"=>"QBY", "QPW"=>"QPK", "ZQW"=>"QWY", "ZRA"=>"RCP", "ZRE"=>"RED", "RIC"=>"RKY", "ZRL"=>"RLN", "ZRV"=>"ROD", "ZRP"=>"RPK", "ZRS"=>"RSQ",
    "ZRG"=>"RUG", "ZRU"=>"RUI", "ZRM"=>"RUM", "SPB"=>"SBC", "ZSE"=>"SEL", "SRA"=>"SFD", "SDS"=>"SFS", "ZSA"=>"SGT", "ZSH"=>"SHL", "ZSX"=>"SHR", "ZSS"=>"SJP", "ZSJ"=>"SJW", "ZSK"=>"SKN",
    "SOK"=>"SKT", "ZSN"=>"SNB", "SBP"=>"SPK", "SRU"=>"SRP", "ZSO"=>"SSQ", "ZSM"=>"STA", "ZSF"=>"STB", "ZSG"=>"STG", "ZSL"=>"STK", "ZSY"=>"STN", "ZSP"=>"STP", "ZSC"=>"SWC", "ZQS"=>"SWF",
    "ZSW"=>"SWK", "ZSI"=>"SWM", "ZTB"=>"TBE", "ZTO"=>"TBY", "ZTC"=>"TCR", "ZTM"=>"TEM", "ZTR"=>"TGR", "ZTY"=>"THB", "ZTH"=>"THL", "ZTW"=>"TOT", "ZTP"=>"TPK", "ZTL"=>"TPL", "TOM"=>"TTH",
    "ZUB"=>"UPB", "ZUP"=>"UPK", "ZUY"=>"UPY", "ZUX"=>"UXB", "VXH"=>"VUX", "ZWE"=>"WAC", "WHC"=>"WAL", "ZWN"=>"WAN", "ZWV"=>"WAR", "ZWT"=>"WAT", "WBP"=>"WBT", "ZLW"=>"WCL", "ZWC"=>"WCT",
    "WIM"=>"WDN", "WMB"=>"WEM", "ZWO"=>"WFD", "ZWH"=>"WFY", "ZWD"=>"WGN", "WEH"=>"WHM", "ZWX"=>"WHR", "WIJ"=>"WJN", "ZWK"=>"WKN", "ZWG"=>"WLG", "WAT"=>"WLO", "ZWM"=>"WMS", "ZWY"=>"WPK",
    "WRU"=>"WRP", "ZWI"=>"WSP", "ZWS"=>"WST",

hi @briantist

Apologies that I missed this post. I think I answered some of them on the other post, but for completeness:

Paddington (District & Circle) = PADc. I can’t seem to get this to work in PredictionDetailed so I have raised this with the Trackernet team for confirmation.
Bayswater = BAY (However, it’s doesn’t have predictions as it is awaiting modern signalling in that section - 4LM project will sort that out at some point.
Notting Hill Gate = NHG. Like Bayswater, this is in a section that doesn’t have modern signalling and will be fixed by 4LM.
Richmond/Wimbledon/Ealing Broadway/Upminster - This relates to these being termini stations with multiple platforms. The current signalling system does not provide the platform a train is due to arrive at. I believe this will also be fixed by the 4LM project. I’ll try to get clarification on this.
Heathrow T4 = HRF. There seems to be a mistake on the old documentation.



Thank you kindly for getting back on this. As I’m mainly working with stations that also serve National Rail services, the missing Paddington and Heathrow T4 are very helpful.

I guess I will have to wait to hear when 4LM gets to “SMA5” to get the Bayswater/NHG data. As long as you know this…

Is there a online version of the current documentation for Trackernet? The documentation linked to from the Google - https://tfl.gov.uk/cdn/static/cms/documents/trackernet-data-services-guide-beta.pdf - is very old (2010).

The link to it (that Google uses) is on the Our open data - Transport for London page

It would be useful, from a display point of view for passengers to have access to the accurate departure information at terminus stations (Stratford Jubilee, Ealing Broadway Central) somehow - as I’m sure you’re already aware.

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I don’t think there is a newer version of the documentation. It was produced some years ago and I’m not sure the chain of custody of the document survived the numerous re-organisations. I’ll speak to the application support team to see if that has been updated.

in terms of live departure information on tube, it’s my biggest bug-bear! 4LM has promised that this will be available and we will be looking at this data when it’s available. We will also persevere with the deep tube lines (we’re currently in talks regarding Piccadilly line termini).

We are also working on providing this for TfL Rail/London Overground and we will be communicating the details of our new Departures endpoint in the new year.



Thanks. It does make me smile that went I go into Stratford Station, which I do a lot, there is one set of display indicators at the gateline (on the wall) for Tfl Rail/Greater Anglia (in Neon Orange), another one for the Central Line (two orange neon matrix screens), another for the DLR (another Plasma in blue and yellow) and the portrait white-background Tfl Screen with the service state on it.

But not until I walk the 250 meters to the platform 13/14/15/16 concourse can you see if and when the Jubilee Line trains are leaving. It seems odd (to me as long-experienced system integrator) that this data is limited to the four displays here and can’t be accessed from anywhere else!

(I note, on the way you can get to see two “texttext” displays for Greater Anglia depatures, another similar-but-different portrait plasma screen and no indication as to which Overground train is leaving next. Also lots of orange neon diplays with not enough space that show page 1/2 page 2/2 when the station is too busy to allow a person to stop… ).

It’s like someone thought “how might we present this information is a way as to make it inexplicable”…


Okay, I wasn’t 100% correct… There are jubilee line display at the entrance. But I can’t help thinking this is a fine example of poor information design.

From.left to right. All at 90 degrees to the gate line:

  1. TfL Rail, London Overground nd Greater Anglia departures (misses some GA arrivals) pages though 2 sceens
  2. General GA and NR status
    Big gap
  3. DLR departures
  4. Central line North and West
  5. jubilee line
    Biggest gap
    6…TfL status including Overground and TfL Rail
    Oh the gates

@briantist You like picking out my bug-bears!!

The whole strategy about customer information in stations is being looked at. Stratford being a good example of a multi-modal station with (at least) 3 different strategies in place from various operators/concessions and various different time-periods.

Hopefully whatever comes out of it becomes more joined-up and standardised.



I hope as I didn’t come over as complaining here. If anything I’m trying to help…


I’ve always found Amsterdam Centraal station to be the high of clarity

and consistency…


My best attempt so far at Stratford as a uniified display…

Is there a proper consultation so we can agree what the aims should be? And then a follow up consultation on improving the Journey planner and any necessary API changes so that the planned journeys use exactly the same names and terminology as the station signage, for examply by saying “victoria line westbound towards Brixton” rather than just saying “victoria line” and leaving everybody with a 50/50 guess when they arrive at the interchange.

TFL seems to always just go ahead and make changes without consultation, which is why we have a journey planner that is in some respects much less useful now than it was when it was introduced.

And why is it that the journey planner still cannot plan a freedom pass journey, even though it has been known for 3+ years that the JP and the API are both totally incapable of coping with FP journeys.

[EDIT] I see it’s now 4+ years (October 2015) when I raised this. Meeting with Transport for All – planning accessible journeys – TfL Digital and Any progress on a Freedom Pass flag for the journey planner?

A good start would be to renumber DLR platforms 1 to 4 so they don’t use the same numbers as National Rail.

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I’m not sure what you mean by this @harry . Stratford platform numbers don’t overlap (like at Waterloo).

The problem with charging platform numbers is that so much external documentation (ie, driver notices) refers to them. In many case you can go back 100 years and they will be the same.

I guess if you were sorting Stratford out you might do something so you know that it is more or less impossible to get from Platform 11/12 to Platform 13/14/15.

A sensible scheme might be…

1 DLR to Canning Town (was 17)
2 DLR to Stratford International (was 16)
3A/3B/3C Jubilee Line (was 13, 14,15)
4A/4B DLR to Canary Wharf (was 4A/4B)
5/5A Central Line Northbound (was 3A/3)
6 Elizabeth Line to Maryland (5)
7 Greater Anglia Liverpool Street (9)
8 Greater Anglia Eastbound (10)
9 Greater Anglia Eastbound overflow (10A)
10 Greater Anglia Northbound Lea Bridge (11)
11 Greater Anglia Northbound Lea Bridge Spare (12)
12 Overground to Willesden Junction (1)
13 Overground to Willesden Junction (2)

Which just shows the nightmare of changing it.

@harry @jamesevans

You could treat Stratford station like a Hotel and re-number the different levels with new numbering ranges. This would get over the over problems of not knowing if you had the new or old number:

21 Overground to Willesden Junction (2)
22 Overground to Willesden Junction (1)
23 Greater Anglia Northbound Lea Bridge Spare (12)
24 Greater Anglia Northbound Lea Bridge (11)
25 Greater Anglia Eastbound overflow (10A)
26 Greater Anglia Eastbound (10)
27 Greater Anglia Liverpool Street (9)
28 Elizabeth Line to Maryland (5)
29/29A Central Line Northbound (was 3A/3)

31/32 DLR to Canary Wharf (was 4A/4B)
33/33/35 Jubilee Line (was 13, 14,15)
36 DLR to Stratford International (was 16)
37 DLR to Canning Town (was 17)

This would make the signage readable too.

I’ll have to check next time I am there. But it may just be that I’m expecting platforms 4a and 4b to be accessed via the “other end” of the station between platforms 2 and 5, rather than via the bridge over platforms 16 and 17.

But … Platform 2 is with platform 1 at the far east of the station (Westfield side), the Overground service. None of it makes any sense whatsoever.

Central passages (Stratford Centre entrance) goes 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 10, 10a, 11, 2**, 1**, Westfield Exit
North west pages has no exits but links 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 10a, 11, 12 with access to 1/2
South east passage goes 13/14/15/16, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 2, 1, Westfield Exit
Overbridge (first floor Stratford Centre entry) links 17, 3a, 16, 4a, 4b

There are plans for a new gateline and entrance at 13/14/15/16.

> image

Total madness for passengers.

And then there’s the peak and football’s on flows

** It’s actually worse than this because you have to leave platforms 1/2 by means of platform 12 because they close the stairs for the “central” underpass in peak.

Hi James,

I’ve noticed some other stations are missing from your trackernet feed on Hammersmith/ Circle (H) - it seems that the /PredicitonDetailed/ endpoint doesn’t handle anything more than three characters to stations PADc and also WDLP (Wood Lane) don’t work

Other stations that are missing on PredictionDetailed SBM (Shepard’s Bush Market) which is present in PredictionSummary/H but returns 204 at PredictionDetailed/H/SBM

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