Real time tram information unavailable

When I try to query tram real time information, all I’m getting back is []. Is there an issue with the data feed?

I get the same if I try it through TfL Unified API using ‘tram’ but it works ok for ‘dlr’.

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I see this was raised 15 days ago…

It’s also noteworthy that you don’t seem to be able to get tram arrival predictions from the TfL website either.

@SJCooper - this is a separate issue to the SignalR issues reported previously which we have resolved. When investigating this, we found that we were not receiving Trams data from the operator. We have raised this with them and the TfL Trams department and they are working to restore service. We’ll try to keep you posted via this thread (our ref: SVC-5868).

Bear in mind that we have long running accuracy issues that the operator has not yet been able to resolve - see

James Evans
Service Performance Manager - Digital

We have resolved the issue with Trams Arrival data. Thanks for your patience.

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James, good to hear some official response regarding accuracy. The thread you linked to is mine. Is there any time line on when we could get accurate information from the operator?

@deed02392 We are still in discussions with the supplier. We’ll update this thread when we have more info. Thank you for your patience in the meantime.