Superloop missing in the graphics spec

The latest bus stop graphics standard details all the layouts and colours etc for bus stops:

With new superloop routes launched, I think this is now out of date, because SL routes use a different text and background colour for their E-tiles, and there’s a new panel placed underneath all E-tiles. There’s a new sign attached above bus shelters too, so the bus shelter graphics standard also needs an update.

Is there an ETA for updates to these specs, or somewhere else that details the specific changes made for SL routes?


Welcome @MMJZ

I too notice there are missing Superloop specs - Superloop map SL9/SL10 issues

Let’s ping @LeonByford and @jamesevans and see if we can get answers.

The SL routes appear to use this new (night illuminated) topper for the bus stops…

And the SL bus routes are white-out-of-bus-Red on the signs with “Superloop” at the bottom.

Hi @MMJZ and @briantist,

Thanks for raising, I’ll investigate and get back to you on this.

Many thanks

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